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Kids Authority Airplane set - 1 Dozen Assorted Airplane Die Cast

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My four year old loves all modes of transportation, and that includes airplanes. He can’t wait to fly for the first time, but until then, we will enjoy airplane activities for kids on the ground. Below are ten of the best activities I’ve found around the web, so feel free to try them with your kiddos!

The Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers Airplane is my favorite and I wish I had a grandchild young enough to enjoy these Toy Airplanes for Kids.


Airplane Toys for Kids: Unboxing U.S

Now finally here is my last lesson for the day which will end the “for kids” collection for a few days. I know a lot of you members and visitors have had a lot of fun with all the tutorials that I submitted over the past week or so, but the problem with making a bunch of kids tutorials, is the fact that many other artist who are not still stuck in the novice stage would like more challenging and more pop culture things to draw. So starting my next tutorial day, I will be sure to submit some cool lessons that you other artists will enjoy a lot better than the kiddy stuff. To end the momentum for a while, I will teach you "how to draw a plane for kids", step by step. Drawing planes is another great activity for younger artists because it falls in the common category of first things kids try to draw. It’s true that drawing an airplane is not any easy task. Hopefully this tutorial will show you "how to draw an airplane for kids" the easy way. You can color your jet in any shade you like because since you learned how to draw it, you obviously can choose what to color it. You will have fun with this tutorial so don’t fret the excitement is sure to please. Have an awesome drawing day people, and remember to join me again tomorrow with more artistic fun!