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Disney Princess Ariel Dress


They'll enjoy more than a ripple of excitement when transforming into with this shimmering Ariel Costume. They'll also be able to sing along with the musical shell brooch that plays two songs from the movie.

Making a fabulous Ariel costume is completely doable at home. Paying attention to the small details and adding some great embellishments of your own are the keys to the perfect Ariel look. With a little time, patience and crafting, you’ll be rocking your new Ariel costume in no time!


Ariel Costume with Sound for Kids | Disney Store

This Deluxe Ariel Costume gives your little one the appearance of the character from the film! Complete with a shimmering skirt that resembles a mermaid tail and a light purple top, the dress transforms your little adventurer into royalty from under the sea! It's the easiest way for her to become her favorite Disney Princess. Just make sure Sebastian doesn't catch wind of her plans to visit new worlds, since he's bound to be a stick in the mud!