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Disguise Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Ariel Child Wig


The Disney Ariel Kids Wig wouldn't be complete without a costume. Put your child in both, and she'll be ready to go collect a bucket full of Halloween whosits and whatsits galore. She'll also have the perfect getup for a sea-themed or Disney princess themed party with her friends, or she can play dress up and sing along with Ariel while watching her favorite Disney movie.

Spunky, red-headed mermaid Ariel made thingamabobs and dinglehoppers household words among Disney-loving families. She went from spending her time gathering valuable, fascinating treasures and dodging sharks to becoming an official Disney princess and getting her wish to live on land. With the Disney Ariel Kids Wig, your child can get this plucky princess' long, flowing, red locks. No need for dinglehoppers to make this wig look nice. It comes ready to wear, so your little one can go on a treasure hunt of her own. Whether she wants to be mermaid Ariel or human Ariel, the wig works well with either one!


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There’s no question—she has to be Ariel. Together, she’s seen the Disney’s Little Mermaid so many times you can’t stop the songs running through your head. The Disney Ariel Kids Wig will make her smile and create many happy forever after moments. She’s your princess, a feeling that is simply priceless.