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  • The parent unit of the Philips Avent baby monitor will alert when the power is low, or if you are out of range
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Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode


The design of this Philips AVENT video monitor is simple yet sleek and sophisticated. The picture quality is near perfect and the number one feature that all 3 of us LOVE is the lullaby mode! Even though Lennox is almost 4 years old (NEXT WEEK!), the lullaby mode has really helped us with our bedtime routine. Most evenings Lennox fights going to sleep. I turn on the lullabies that play through this monitor and it instantly calms her and she is drifting off into dreamland incredibly fast. Kyle wishes it would play all night so that he could listen to it too I think!

Jennie and Ryan use their Philips Avent DECT Monitor constantly. It reassures them that miss Gabby Abbie is safe and sound when she’s in her crib. Visit the to check out the monitor and explore other options.


CES 2016: Philips Shows Off Their Avent Baby Monitor!

The Avent monitor weighs in at 4.8 ounces, the lightest one we tested. Setup is simply a matter of plug and play, and once the handheld monitor could pick up the camera through the wall, there wasn't much of a connectivity issue.