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Baby Cry Signaler


In the past, technology for deaf people was not readily available, and deaf individuals had trouble finding baby monitors that would allow them to recognize their babies' cries when they were out of the room. For instance, in 1986, friends of a deaf father wrote to the Miami News' philanthropist, Percy Ross, seeking aid. They had researched baby monitors for the deaf but had been unable to obtain one. Mr. Ross sent them a baby monitor and receiver in the mail. Today, baby monitors for the deaf are commonplace.

For example, If you are totally deaf and a housewife, who has to move around the house for much of the day cleaning, cooking and gardening, a baby monitor for the deaf with a light on it sitting on top of the TV is not really of much use to you, whereas a portable vibrating unit would be.


Mom's Guide 2016: The Best Baby Monitor For Deaf Parents

i wear hearing aids n=in both ears. as long as i wear them i can hear my baby girl at all times. my husband is nights and my daughter and i stay at my parents so they can help me hear her . i cant in my hearing aids because ad anyone that wears them they whistle badly if anything gets close to them. even can make it whistle. quite frankly - im ready to go home but i cant hear her at night without them and i cant sleep in them unless im going to rely on just a few hrs of slkeep those that i get on my back until i roll over jerking awake because of the whistling. trust me its worse waking up to than the smoke or alarm. so my question is does anyone know anything about baby monitors for the deaf or hard of hearing - or where i can i can purchase one. i really dont want to pay so much for something that isnt going to . i only need one for at night when im sleeping. thanks in advance.