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Nursery Water Purified Drinking Water - 128 fl oz


With a capacity of 600ml, the Baby Water Bottle can withstand a temperature range of -20 to 120°C. The drinkware has been specially designed for children complete with curved-in sides to give your child a proper grip when drinking from the bottle. It’s been known that fully rounded water bottles tend to slip easily from children’s finger, but not the Baby Water Bottle.

The Baby Water Bottle comes with a secure screw-on lid to prevent spillages and leakages. Just tighten the lid snugly before handing it to your child or putting it into their bag and rest assured that your child won’t come home with wet textbooks or a drenched school uniform.


When can babies drink water? | BabyCenter

“Babies need extra fluids in the hot weather, but straight water …A parent’s natural instinct is to give the baby water to prevent dehydration, but too much water can disrupt the delicate balance in a baby’s body, leading to water intoxication. Before you know it, the baby is seizing.”