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  • Homemade ice cream will be available, along with a bounce house and a Balloon Pop game where the children can win prizes.
  • Balloon popping game
  • Balloon Pop Carnival Game

Balloon Burst


This collection of pop it games are mainly created by Ninja Kiwi Games. This first balloon popping game was a huge success for the game developers from its launch in April 2007. It was the original version of Bloons that sky rocketed Ninja Kiwi to success, yet it was not the developers original game. They had a few flops before they struck gold with this now dominant series of games.

The player has control over both the power and direction of the throw. A red arrow appears and lengthens to give a guide to power, and direction. It may prove easier to move the mouse curser to the target area for the shot direction. There are 50 levels in the original format of the balloon popping game. Some reincarnations of the game which are designed for phone games or for game console use have a greater number of levels. In this article we will discuss the PC version.


Balloon Pop Carnival Game | carnival party | Pinterest

Poppit is a balloon popping puzzle game. The goal is to pop groups of two or more of the same colored balloons to clear the board. As you pop the balloons in game play, you will get presents and inside game items that can help you as you go along in the game. If you are able to clear all the balloons with the items in them, you'll be able to advance to the next level without clearing all colored sets of balloons. The balloon popping game has over one hundred popping puzzles and showcases the game's mascot, Spike, who is smirking cactus set in a pot to the left hand side of the screen.