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Balmex Diaper Rash Cream, 4 Count


I don't always like to use deodorant because my skin gets sensitive. At the same time, the natural deodorant that I use(Liquid Crystal roll-on) does nothing for wetness protection. Which means I need some powder.

If you've ever used powder(and most of you have), you know how it goes - sprinkle, sprinkle - and there's powder everywhere EXCEPT where you want it to be. It conveniently slides off of underarms with a quickness. But not so with this powder.

I picked up Balmex Prevention Baby Powder off of the baby care shelf. It contains cornstarch(no talc), zinc oxide, and some other ingredients including a few vitamins and herbs but they're probably just for show. Anyway, this powder STICKS where you apply! And it keeps you drier than other powders and smells sweet like baby powder.

I've only tried using it on my face a couple of times and the benefit of it is also it's drawback - it STICKS where you put it. So you have to blend it together and rub it in really well. A brush won't even work to blend. I had to use my hands and then physically rub it off where it stuck. BUT it's still great as a body powder. Will definitely repurchase.

Usually when my daughter has diaper rash we use balmex and baby powder. I was wondering if we need to use the baby powder in addition to the balmex. Is it better to use the powder or just use the balmex without the powder.


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