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Fisher-Price Barnyard Bingo Game


If Barnyard Bingo is too difficult for some of you students try this Fisher Price Piggy Bank activity –. This is another good resource for your collection.

Barnyard Bingo is a simple matching game. The barn has a slot for the twelve (12) tokens, three for each color with each token having one of the following animals: sheep, chicken, pig or cow. Each player has a board (strip) with three animals. On your turn, you open the door (satisfying “boing” sound accompanies this) and a token will slide out. If it matches the color of your board, place it on top on the correct animal. If it doesn’t, simply put in back in the top of the barn. Now, it’s the next player’s turn.


Pennsylvania USA titled Cowgirl Farm Party -4yr- Barnyard Bingo

is a great fun toy that has 3 levels to grow with your child. You see, as a parent, we all know how quickly our children grow so having a game that “grows with them” is essential. Barnyard Bingo game features 12 animal Bingo chips, 4 plastic fence cards, 2 label sheets and the Barnyard Bingo Barn as well as parent instructional guide for ideas on how to play this with your child.