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  • Bean Bags or bean bag chairs are exclusive when it comes to seating furniture. Bean bags are utilitarian, as well as stylish and comfortable to sit on.
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  • Add fun and stylish seating to your home with bean bags, floor poufs, and more

Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill, 100 Liters


Bean bags are popular owing to their design, which is a combination of structural utility and style. You could get one of these bean bags instead of a regular chair or couch. These are easy to place in any decor arrangement. The couch type bean bags sit well in the living room or can even deck up your study. Regular pear shaped or pod shaped bean bags fit well in any space. It also does wonders to informal spaces, say your bedroom or a boudoir of sorts. There are bean bags with designer covers that can be used as statement pieces to add weight and balance to the interior. Bean bags that are modelled on a football are a hit among sports lovers. Get a few and line it up in front of your TV to enjoy a game with your friends. You could either choose bean bag with beans or just the bean bag covers according to your preferences. If you want beans to fill a bean bag cover or replace the ones in your old one, bean bag refill packs are also available here.

To make this Iron Throne Bean Bag, you need paper, a sewing machine, gray canvas, bean bag beans, foam, a zipper, acrylic paint in the colors silver, gold, and black and "a gazillion hours free time," Kiko added in her tutorial.


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