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Beech-Nut Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack, 4.25 Ounce (Pack of 10)


While going through my rebate apps, I found a TON of rebates on Beech Nut Baby Food. Adding all of these rebates up, looking at how much they cost, and figuring out how much they will be after rebates, I just HAD to share it with you. The price of these after rebates is AWESOME!!! Check this out!

There is a second food recall this week that we wanted to share with you to help spread the word to protect from injury/sickness. In this case, it is possible injury in baby food from the glass jars. There was a report of glass in Beech Nut Baby Food with an injury already reported. So if you have purchased Beech Nut baby food recently, read up on the details of this recall to protect your baby!


Beech Nut Baby Food Commercial - 1950s

I had purchased jars of BeechNut baby foods. Each one was still well within the expiration date. However, the jars (although safety sealed & still "popped") had what looked to be mold and or rust inside the threads of the jar/top closure, as well as coating the underside of the lid. I began to open all of the jars from this brand and everyone I had was contaminated.