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  • Robin, The Great Pumpkin is certainly one of the best Halloween movied for kids. It's a timeless classic!
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Hocus Pocus


(Ages 4+) Spooky music and exaggerated voices are the only potentially frightening elements of this Halloween-themed collection of short films. Witches, ghosts, and robbers all make appearances, and while their presence might raise tensions for the youngest children, nothing truly scary happens, making this one of the best Halloween movies for kids.

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holiday and we decided to kick it up a notch this year. Below is our round up of 31 Best Halloween Movies for Kids from the early 1990’s - present listed in alphabetical order. There is a movie for every kid on our list ranging from funny scary to frightening scary. We feel Halloween is a nice way for families to bond with some nice friendly scary movies and popcorn. We decided to list 31 movies and 31 honorable mentions below to widen the variety for those who dare - can have 31 nights of Halloween movies. Most of these movies are on Netflix - for those of you who do not have Netflix then I suggest signing up for their 1 month free trial.


10 Best Halloween Movies for Kids | BettyConfidential

Sometimes the best Halloween movies are ones that are kid-friendly. Gather your family in front of the TV with the lights dimmed and a large bowl of popcorn and enjoy a family-friendly Halloween movie this year! Not sure which to choose? We have a roundup of the 13 best Halloween movies for kids that even their adult parents will love!