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  • We can't currently find any similar items for the Encore Breeze 3 by Merrell. Sorry!
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Car Charger for Pantech Breeze III P2030, Crossover P8000

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I love this shoe. I see some reviewers prefer the Breeze 2, but I like the 3 better. The 2 seemed to be "clunkier" looking and I had to break them in. My Breeze 3's are a year old and do not look worn at all, as my did. I have a high arch and this shoe fits great right out of the box. I was very impressed with the comfort. It was like putting on a glove. Everyone has different feet, so the best shoe is a very individual decision. The Breeze 3 is cushy and as a nurse, I am on my feet constantly 12 hours a day. I even wear them on my days off. My job requires me to kneel a lot and it wears quickly on the top of the toes-but not in my Breeze 3's! I am a loyal customer forever. And Zappos is the best because of the free shipping without adding to the shoe price!

This is my second pair of in the Encore series. I bought these because the first pair, with its leather upper, is too warm and holds in too much moisture for summer. The Breeze 3 is, well, breezy! My are a bit moist after a day of wear, but my toes stay dry and my feet are much cooler and more comfortable. It has the same comfort as the Encore Nova 2, which means the most comfort in a shoe I've ever experienced! Like , only better. Cushy, supportive, enough room for my toes to move. Like the Encore Nova 2, this shoe accommodates my wide foot and custom perfectly. The only thing I could ask is that more colors and styles be made available in wide widths because I really love these ! I normally wear an 8, but these Merrells fit me in a 7.5.


Merrell Encore Breeze 3 Mesh Clogs in Brown (DARK EARTH) | Lyst

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