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First Words (Bright Baby)


Kick Start Learning Through Music and Smart Play! We believe its never too early to begin a life of learning. The child’s first 3 years of life make up a unique stretch of time for establishing a foundation of learning. During this time, the neurochemical pathways are produced in bursts and with engaging and stimulating experiences these opportunities can be capitalized on. A healthy brain development is strongly influenced by the kinds of early experiences your child receives. At Bright Baby we provide a variety of age-appropriate sensory experiences that can stimulate their curiosity and support brain development.

The second book in the Bright Baby series that I added to the collection of picture books is this one on animals. Covering a wide range of species, from mammals to birds to insects, each page has a bright, clear colour photo of the animal with it’s name printed below. Animals include everyday ones like cat and dog, also an owl, goat, zebra, fox, bee and butterfly – 26 creatures in all.


Bright Baby Shower Decorating Kit

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