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OxGord® Kick Mats Back Seat Protector w/Storage Organizer Pocket- 2 Pack " 2016 Model Newly Designed" - Universal Fit for Car, Truck, SUV, or Van - Rear Auto Bucket Seat Upholstery Protective Cover

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The car kick plates usually come in standard sizes thus make sure that the replacement kicks that you will use have the same size as the old one. Measure the center of the car door and mark the areas on the replacement kick plates using chalk for the holes where the screw will be set into later, this will ensure a perfect fit.

Drill holes on the new car kick plates precisely with the location found on the old kick plates that were removed earlier. Make sure that you drill the new hole on the chalk marks you have previously made on the replacement kick plate. This makes it easier to facilitate the installation of the new car kick plates to the car door. You do not need to drill new holes to install the plates as the existing holes are already sufficient to install the new kick plates on your car door.


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