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The Carter Boys

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Elijah Carter is not only the face of The Carter Boys, but his vocal talents is what has their name ringing bells in the music world. A hot head and a womanizer, Elijah only has time for two things, making sure his family stays feared in the streets and taking down any groupie who will do anything for just one night with him. All of the perks that come along with being a singing sensation and a street legend will have any man living in pure bliss, but when Elijah runs into the quiet, yet ordinary college girl named Jordyn with a “Y” she introduces him to something far greater.

With The Carter Boys opening up with Jade and Trent meeting and then connecting in such a volatile way, I was sort of confused as to when the “Carter boys” were going to surface because the book is after all titled after them. Imagine my surprise when Trent, the jerk face that couldn’t take rejection well, ended up being one of the Carter boys.


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