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Oh man, I wish I’d found this sooner! I had a C-section and was told basically no activity (they even said to limit walking) for 8 weeks, and since then we’ve basically been waiting for our Zeke to get old enough to ride in a Osprey pack that we thought we could stand up at rock faces (has to be at least 6 months old for that), but as he gets more wiggly the idea of leaving him alone with the belayer gets more intimidating. Turns out, we should have started a couple months ago! We have taken him to a climbing gym and just left him in his car seat carrier, but that seemed a lot less stable to me out at the base of some rock face. In retrospect… damn, we may have just missed our easiest climbing with baby window!

My husband and I made a pact before we ever took C out cragging that we would never let belayer and baby watcher be the same person. Even though logistically it may have worked before C was mobile, it never seemed worth the risk: There were too many variables outside of our control. We decided to always have a designated person on cragbaby duty at all times. With three climbers, one person is climbing, one person is belaying, and one person is on Canaan-duty. Unless your extra person is just a non-climbing babysitter, it’s important that your third person be an experienced climber that you feel very comfortable with: Remember, the entire day that person will hold either you or your baby's life in their hands.


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