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Pirate Outfit Fits 8" - 10" Inch Webkinz, Shining Star and Make Your Own Stuffed Animals and Dolls


Children love to dress up their stuffed animals. Clothes for stuffed animals are easy to make, and often they're one-of-a-kind. With stuffed animals in so many different sizes, sometimes it's impossible to find store-bought clothes to fit. This project will give your child hours of fun as she dresses up her favorite animals. The smaller the animal, the less material you'll need. Whether the outfits are fancy or just for play, your child's stuffed animals will have a wardrobe of their own that will delight her.

is pleased to debut their new collection of doll clothes for stuffed animals. Many little girls and boys look forward to bedtime stories at night as part of their night-time ritual. Little girls and boys love hugging their stuffed animals at night, as this gives them a sense of comfort and security. Now they can also enjoy dressing up their favorite stuffed animal for bedtime as another part of their get ready for bed routine.


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