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Blip Toys Squinkies Boys Large Playset - Crazy Crane


Crazylegs Crane must now use his maturity and figure out a way to defeat the witch and capture the dragon fly. The action gets intense, and the end is unsure the entire way trough.

Crazylegs Crane has a fantastic task for his son. He is going to teach his son how to catch a dragon fly that breathes fire. He believes this will make his son be more mature. Things get out of control, however, when a witch comes in the midst of things. This witch wants the same dragon fly that Crazylegs Crane and his son have their eyes set on.


Crazy Legs Crane _ Bug Off - Video Dailymotion

"Crazylegs Crane" is a 16-episode made-for-television cartoon series produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in 1978 for "The All New Pink Panther Show" on ABC. Crazylegs Crane is a dim-witted yellow crane (voiced by Larry D. Mann). Crane was usually joined by his son, Crazylegs Crane, Jr. (voiced by Frank Welker). Each episode dealt with the father/son team trying to catch a fire-breathing dragonfly (also voiced by Welker, who is impersonating Andy Kaufman).