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The simplicity of our website makes creating your gift list masterpiece fun and easy to do. it's important to us that you're happy with the whole If U Insist experience and that means keeping your guests happy too. We've made contributing so simple that even Grandparents can do it!

If like many other couples your home is already packed to the brim of lovely stuff then you've come to the right place. We've carefully designed our website so you can create your gift list masterpiece to truly reflect you as newlyweds. It really is like being in gift list heaven!


My Best Buy Wish List: Create or Find a Wishlist

The implementations of editing and deleting are similar to creating gift lists. On the “My Lists” page, there is an link below each gift list. This link directs the customer to the edit gift list page and passes the gift list id through. For the Pioneer Cycling store, we did this in . It calls to get the gift list item from the repository and checks the owner of the gift list against the profile id. If they match, then the gift list information is displayed in the same format as create and options to save and delete are provided. The following code sample demonstrates how to call and how to check for permissions.