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  • The Cruiser mouse comes in a very nice retail package.
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Inside you will find everything you need to get up and running. There is the Choiix Cruiser, the wireless dongle, a pair of AAA 1.5V batteries, a small user?s manual and the Cruiser mouse pad.

Well let?s start off with the Cruiser mouse. The Cruiser is very light. It is made out of what feels like flimsy plastic, but is really just very light weight plastic. It weighs less than many mice I have used that are much smaller [like most of the Microsoft laptop mice]. It appears to be constructed of three to four components. There is a top surface [which includes the scroll wheel], two distinct bands around the middle and then the bottom platform which hold all of the electronics.


Mouse Cruiser Software - Free Download Mouse Cruiser (Page 3)

The Choiix Cruiser mouse can be had for around $30 USD after figuring in shipping costs on Newegg and comes in a variety of colors like white, black, and red. The Power Fort is closer to $35 depending on where you go. Both prices are pretty much in line with similar products, and both are solid buys if you are looking for sleek and portable peripherals to tag team with your mobile devices.