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The Carnival Games franchise went dormant after the launch of the minigolf game, but Cat Daddy Games has brought it back and plunged it into the new and exciting world of virtual reality. Carnival Games VR is set to launch this fall on the PSVR and HTC Vive. It will also hit the Oculus store before the end of the year.

Carnival Games was initially developed by Cat Daddy Games as a Nintendo Wii title. The game consisted of carnival mini-games such as Dunk Tank, Hoops, Shooting Gallery, and over a dozen more attractions that you would find at a typical carnival. The of the game first hit store shelves in August 2007, and it was followed up by a sequel called in October 2008.


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Developed by Cat Daddy Games, Carnival Games was very popular when it was released on Wii in 2007, becoming one of the few successful third-party games released on the platform. The VR version won’t be much different from the original, except of course that it will be in VR. Players will be able to explore the carnival, take part in some games and interact with patrons. There are 12 games to play, including:All the games are versions of well-known carnie games, so expect plenty of throwing things at other things and abhorrently rigged outcomes. Much like in the Wii game, winning games will reward the player with tickets, which they can use to buy virtual prizes that they can look at in glorious VR.