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Trademark Poker 500 Dice Style 11.5-Gram Poker Chip Set

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Craving for that fun and addictive poker game night? A good game of poker will definitely give any gambling man his fix. Playing poker with second rate poker chips does not cut it anymore especially for poker aficionados. If you are no second-string poker player, then you should get our elegant, detailed and high-quality poker chip set.
Enjoy our casino-quality, “dice” style poker chips, complete with a metal core for that realistic poker chip weight. It will give you that oomph when you throw a chip down the table, and hear that firm thud, which is music to the ears. Our dice poker chips come in sets of 25, with each chip weighing 11.5 grams. There is an assortment of colour options available. Just check out the drop down menu below and you can choose your favorite colour there. Add to basket and await there arrival to your door.

Product Features:
• Chip Weight: 11.5g

14 Gram Crown and Dice Poker Chips are a fantastic 3 color poker chip at an excellent price. This is one of the heaviest chips we offer, tipping the scales at 14 grams per chip. Most of the poker chips in casinos only weigh 10.5 grams. These chips are injection molded with three separate colors using a high quality clay composite material over a metal insert for added weight. The classic poker chip design features a crown in each of the three contrasting tabs. Between the tabs are pairs of dice subtly engraved, each pair rolling a seven. Product features:Chip Size: 39mm diameterMaterial: Clay Composite w/metal insertPackage Size: 25 per package


1000 Clay Composite 11.5 gram Dice Poker Chips

The Striped Dice poker chips are an , NCV (non-denominated) with a metal insert. The chips feature a stripes and dice edge spot design (hence the name) and easily distinguishable colors.