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Step2 Thomas The Tank Engine Toddler Bed


I could remove the motor mounts from the engines and have the slots cut further inboard. But if I do that, I’m reducing the width of the footprint. On the principle that the mounts that came with the engines were engineered with a certain size of slot, I decided to maximize the width of the isolators. Which means I have to make new engine beds outboard of the existing stringers.

The screws attaching the engine mounts to the engine beds were taken out. While the engine beds are generally in good solid condition, there is a hairline crack on the portside bed but this only runs for 3" and I think the original holes are too soft to reposition as was. All the engine mounts need to be replaced, there is minimal height adjustment as all were set to the minimum depth. Rear attaching flanges also badly corroded and I've sourced secondhand replacements for £7.50 as opposed to the Yanmar price of £113 EACH !!


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Funky Fire Engine Bed to the rescue! Need your little one to enjoy going to sleep? This cheerful and inspiring bed is perfect for budding little heroes. Complete with a cheerful face, front windows which he can look out of and realistic looking tyres, this is a delightful bed for a little boy. The ideal bed for child after a cot, the lovingly carved sides will prevent him from rolling out and make him feel safe going to sleep on his own. It is also available as a suite with Fire Engine Bedsides and a Fire Engine Desk, suitable for drawing and colouring, so that the whole bedroom can match.