• Jackson WS85 Flip Front Goggle 15992
  • Flip front fixed shade passive welding helmet supplied with Shade 11 lens as standard.
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Sellstrom 32151 DP4 Multi-Purpose Black Crown and Clear Anti-fog/Shade 5 IR Flip Front Window Faceshield with Ratchet Headgear


The first stage of the process was to cut off the old front taking care not to cut through any of the front loom. I was fully restoring the shell so this was done before I started any work. I needed to replace or repair practically every panel on the car so the flip front was the last thing to be worked on body wise as I needed the Doors and A panels in place as a reference point for the front panels.

Once the body was completed the front subframe was bolted to the shell using metal lower rear subframe mounts and nylon upper tower bolt mounts. This stops any movement in the subframe. I then made up some brace bars. These differ from the one most people use as they attach at the top to the upper shock absorber mounts using 4 bolts of a slightly longer length to allow the shock absorber mounts to be fitter over the top of the brace bar. The bottom of the bar is attached to the subframe through a hole drilled for the purpose.

Crafted for moms yet cool enough for dads, our Flip front and backpack carrier is a great all-arounder. It lets baby ride facing in or out, or in the backpack position. It also has padded lumbar support to distribute weight evenly, special BreatheMesh fabric to help keep you cool and a stylish, reversible Wonder Cover bib. And Flip's simple looks make it perfect for dads. It's a flippable, flexible, breathable little wonder that will keep your compass pointed towards go.


Helmets - Flip Front; Helmets - Flip Front

MT Flip Front Kit This sturdy fiberglass replica of the round-nosed Mini is pre-extended for the Honda VTEC conversion. It comes with the hinges and a latch for mounting. This kit can be used with the MTK, MTB, and MTB3 Kits.