• forest family toys
  • There are a lot of miscellaneous sets in the Forest Families series
  • Migration, Set of Kangaroos Family, 2 Adult & Baby Animal Figures
  • Acekid Mini Wild Forest Animal Figure Toys Animal Action Figure Set Kids Animal Toy Set of 12.

Ravensburger Enchanted Forest - Family Game


This site is devoted to information and pictures of the toy series called Forest Families. They are a 1980's toy series, quite similar with the more famous Sylvanian Families. Forest Families toys are human-like animals covered in soft vinyl flocking, and the species vary from cats and mice to crocodiles and turtles.

Forest Families toys are known by several names. Some call them (an unofficial name), and they've been sold under many different brands. They were known as in Germany, in Finland, in Denmark and in the US. The official, most well-known name for the series is of course Forest Families.


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