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  • another four wheeled fatbike. But slightly bigger (18ft long!); for circumnavigating the world
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Best Choice Products Kids ATV 6V Toy Quad Battery Power Electric with 4 Wheel Power Bicycle, Red


Four wheeled bikes, pedal powered quad bikes, quadracycles. Call them what you will, they still promote the idea that human propelled transport can be both fun and functional. Below we have gathered just some of the versions that we've spied over the years on TreeHugger. No doubt there are many others we've missed to date and our readers will bring us up to speed.

Dual person pedal go karts four wheeler for adult, leisure four wheel bike Fitness foot pedal go kart, amusement&fitness,safely control, environment friendly, outdoor exercising, two seats for two people. Desc: 1. item no.: F4150 ...


Four Person - Four Wheel Bike with 6.5 HP Clone