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  • S'Quarrels Card game - A card game about squirrels fighting over their acorns. Whirlwind, Hoarding, Quarreling, and Ambushing with other squirrels is all part of the fun.
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Educational Insights The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game


In the world of air guns, Air guns have become the leader of the market. GAMO offers a high quality product for a very reasonable cost that is as reliable as any other product on the market. For squirrels and other small game, there is no better option that the GAMO Bull whisper or Maxxim. These air guns can fire a .177 caliber at 1300 feet per second, or a .22 caliber at 975 fps. This model feature the new IGT, gas piston system which offers more knockdown power and more range which is perfect for small game like squirrels. With an adjustable trigger and recoil reducing rail this baby can keep you hitting the bullseye each and every time. At the end of the day, more squirrels in the bag and more meat on the table is always a good thing and these air rifles will help you accomplish just that.

One of the best things about squirrel hunting is it is relatively simple to do and it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started. Knowing where to go and what to look for is half of the battle, and having a few simple items can help keep you comfortable and in the game this squirrel season.


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