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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

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A self-described “expat brat” who left the UK at an early age and never looked back, Sid’s Pub owner Geoff Siddle grew up in Hong Kong and did “tours of duty” in Macau and Singapore, too. But it looks like the lifelong traveller has set down roots here in Malaysia.

With over a quarter century of various pub ownership under his belt, and coming up on 20 years in the Malaysian capital, Geoff Siddle is about as well-versed an expat as you could ever hope to find in all things pub-related, and he certainly knows a thing or two about life and business in Malaysia.


Geoffrey Lewis Dead; Juliette Lewis’ Father Was 79 | Variety

For anyone that knows Geoffery and myself pretty well, they can tell you we are nothing alike. Geoffery is a simple man to say the least, he would be completely content drinking beer and sitting in a tree the rest of his life. He could not care less about what anyone thinks and really never asks for anything. He never expects a thing in return for every nice gesture he does and he is the absolute most selfless man I know. When he is not hunting or watching sports he is being a firefighter and saving lives. I am so proud to be marrying a man that chooses to save lives as a career! With me being in nursing school I love being able to have that in common with him! I have to tell you all, that is about the only thing we have in common! I love decorating, making crafts and going wine tasting! Although Geoffery will indulge in some wine at times ;) We met through a mutual friend on a blind double date! We began communicating more often after that. For some time he had mentioned how he always wanted to go to a winery. With that being said, I was so excited when he asked if I was free on a Friday night for our first date! I couldn't have said yes any faster! I have to admit, I was thinking he was going to take me to a winery! WRONG! He asked me to go to a hunting banquet! I knew at this point I could not get out of it, I had already said I was free! Well that hunting banquet may not have been my first choice of date options, but it certainly was the best! After a few months of talking and Geoffery asking to make our relationship "official" we starting to see each other more often. We began meeting each others families and I was invited to family dinners! We both knew where things were headed and we both knew what our expectations of our relationship was. Geoffery asked for my hand in marriage on April 9, 2016 ( at a winery!) and we both could not have been more excited. He is the calm to my crazy and the soft voice of reason when I am so overwhelmed with school and wedding planning and all the other things going on in our crazy lives. He has shown me what real love is. He sacrifices for me and puts up with all my demands of the "honey-to-do list". He may be all guns, beer and deer, but that is alright with me! Everyday he makes me smile and has shown me that things will never be perfect but together we can get pretty close! With all of that being said, thank you all for supporting our relationship and being a part of the beginning of our forever! Also I commend anyone that had the patience to read my sappy love story ;)