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Aurora Plush 12 inches Lion Tubbie Wubbie

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Established in February 1998 by the Reverend Cheng Imm Tan in Boston, Massachusetts, the Gund Kwok Asian Lion & Dragon Dance Troupe is the only all-Asian women lion and dragon dance troupe in the United States, and it is possibly the only such troupe in North America. Over the years, Gund Kwok lion and dragon dancers have been performing at Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, birthdays, cultural celebrations, fund-raising events, and other celebratory occasions in the Massachusetts area. Their performance has been well received within and beyond the Asian community. Originating in China, the lion and dragon dances are one of the main forms of traditional Asian culture and martial arts, and are usually performed by all-male troupes at celebratory occasions to bring peace, prosperity, and auspiciousness to the community. The participation of women has been denied ...

Samar1092 store gund lionheart lion heart 13 plush toy 1497 htf for your consideration is a gund lionheart lion plush toy # 1497. Tip of his tail is heart shaped and is attached to his hand. Measures about 13 tall. Excellent pre-owned condition.


Gund Kwok Lion Dance in Boston - August Moon 2009 Festival