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Adventure BanZ Baby Sunglasses, Midnight Black, Infants 0 2 Years


All of My First Sunglasses Company infant sunglasses and baby sunglasses are safe for baby with soft flexible frames and full UV protected lenses. We only carry quality infant sunglasses and baby sunglasses that we have personally tested in our family for comfort and fit.

We are often asked if babies will keep sunglasses on. We start with the foundation of quality sunglasses that are as comfortable as possible. All of our baby and infant sunglasses have soft rubber frames that are very flexible. Our belief and experience is that with a little training and persistance you can teach your baby to wear their sunglasses to make their time in the sun fun and healthy. Not wearing sunglasses at a young age with even short exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause long term damage to the health of your children's eyes. So we often tell parents to be patient but persistent and it will go a long way to your child learning healthy habbits early in life.


Buy Baby Sunglasses from Bed Bath & Beyond