• Jumping Sack Set of 4
  • - Jump Sack made up of heavy duty nylon cloth, with a set of short & long handles.
  • Relays, single play, as groups or in teams. Jumping Sacks are fun for everyone!
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Heemika Sports Day 4 In 1 Party Game Set Sack Race Bean bag toss 3 Leg Race Game

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Hands down, one of the best activities of this day was the potato sack race. It was the perfect activity to get participants up and moving, and I dare anyone to not have a smile on his or her face while quickly jumping, constrained inside a cloth to a finish line. But, there was always something that didn’t quite settle well with me as an 8-year-old: We raced in actual potato sacks. They were itchy, uncomfortable, and dirty. What I wish was around for us to use back then were Jumping Sacks, from .

Final version of the jumping sack... I looped it 3 times to get the proper effect... there have been alot of minor adjustments to the timing, and some changes to the keys.... enjoy


Natural Burlap Potato or Jumping Sacks 40"x23" Write a Review.

Encourage active play with these jumping sacks that boast vibrant colors and built-in handles for added safety. Cotton canvas construction provides strength and added durability.