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Lego Western Emmet The Lego Movie Exclusive Figure

Too low to display

With The LEGO Movie hitting theaters in under three weeks, we’ve already got LEGO Movie sets coming out the wazoo. But with LEGO, there’s always room for more, right? And there’s especially room for more low-priced, small LEGO polybag sets! The next LEGO Movie polybag set to hit stores will be the LEGO Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer 30282 set with LEGO Robo SWAT Minifigure! And as you might expect, it’s another store exclusive…

I am trying my absolute hardest to remain as spoiler-free as possible for the upcoming The LEGO Movie, so I’m not entirely sure of the context for this latest LEGO Movie polybag set. That said, what is blatantly obvious is that this is another in a long line of low-priced, useful LEGO polybags including a small vehicle and a viable LEGO minifigure army-builder!


LEGO MOVIE 30281 Micro Manager Battle Polybag | eBay

This is a 2014 LEGO Movie polybag of Pyjamas Emmet, this set was given out at theaters with the purchase of a 3D movie ticket.

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