• Disney Tangled The Lights Throw Pillow
  • The Bright Light Pillow can give comfort to a young child afraid to sleep in the dark or if they have a scary dream.
  • Bright Light Pillow Features:
  • The Moonlight Pillow

Premium 1800 Ultra-Soft Microfiber Collection Pillowcase Set (Standard Pillowcase Set of 2, Light Blue)

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The new age of comfort has arrived in the form of FBL's beautiful Light Up Pillow with Slow Change LED Mood Lighting. Illuminate your dreams with the perfect gift for anyone who longs to relax. Color Change LED Pillows make great party decor - put a few out before guests come over.

Nap Time Pillow. Kids, teenagers and adults will love the Bright Light Pillow. Great for sleep overs, long car rides, napping and when the power goes out.


Light Up Pillow with Slow Change LED Mood Lighting - SKU NO: 11706

The Bright Light Pillow is ideal for children that may be afraid of the dark, not wanting to fall asleep without the lights on. It lets off enough pretty colors, so she can even walk to the bathroom if need be.