• Magic Mike 14
  • Singer Magic 14 Instruction Manual
  • Haven Paddlesports - Native Watercraft Magic 14.5 Tandem Sit on Top
  • Bel Haven Paddlesports - Native Watercraft Magic 14.5 Solo Sit on Top

Magic Paintor - Kaleido Draw Pad


The Plug-and-Play™ attachment system allows the Magic 14.5 Tandem to be uniquely configured to fit two paddlers while still allowing additional space for accessories or gear. This sit-on-top kayak's flexibility also extends to allowing a seamless transition between solo and tandem seating configurations.

The Magic 14.5 Solo allows you to design your own perfect paddling experience. You can adjust the First Class™ Seat, and the Easy Foot™ foot brace placement so they fit you and still have enough space to add all the Plug-and-Play™ accessories or gear you need. Additional parts may be purchased to convert the Solo into a Tandem.


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