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Classic Bow and Mallow Shoots Up To 30'

Too low to display

$20.84 – $29.95
After reading my full Marshmallow Blaster Review below, be sure to head on over to Amazon and check the above prices for yourself to ensure that you grab a bargain Marshmallow Blaster as soon as possible. Keep reading to see why the Marshmallow Blaster is such a fun toy!

As stated above, one of my favorite movies as a kid was Ghostbusters. I can still remember when my mom took my friend Brian and I to see it. When Julie offered the Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Series Marshmallow Blaster to review, I couldn’t resist, and I knew my son would love to help out. He’d earned a marshmallow-shooting toy gun in a Cub Scouts fundraising activity several years ago, but it was less than powerful, flimsy and didn’t last long. This Ghostbusters Marshmallow Blaster from Marshmallow Fun Company (yes, that is a real company’s name!) looked like a big step up.


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