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Summer Infant Keep Me Clean Disposable Diaper Sacks, Green - 300-Count

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The lack of coverage in 2008 of the embarrassing facts in Barack Obama's background, especially his deep personal relationship with a Communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, stands as a sensational example of how dishonest the national media can be when they are determined to elect somebody. If Obama's opponent, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), had been linked to a Nazi or a Klansman, the press would have jumped on the story, with endless follow-ups. But the story of Obama's Communist mentor was suppressed by a journalist for The Washington Post who had all the essential details and could have broken the story wide open.

While Sarah was feeding me I felt a BM ready to come out, and I was worried that it wouldn't come easily because I was sitting down. But before I was done worrying about it I was sitting on it. I was really getting used to messing my diapers — maybe the softness of the diapers and the cushion on the high chair had something to do with it.


Album: Me in diapers Me in a Diaper

Dave had also suggested that when I told my other friends, such as Jeff, I shouldn't tell them that I liked it; just that my parents were making me wear diapers. I would try to get them to feign surprise and shock, as Dave planned to do. That was assuming that they stayed my friends, but Dave's acceptance made me feel better. If I lost any friends as a result of this, at least my best friend would still be there for me.