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Windsor Pressure Mounted Baby Gate Plus 7 and 22 inch extensions -Silver with Dark Wood has a silver colored, steel frame with a dark wood slat door. Door swings open in both directions and closed automatically but can be adjusted to open in one direction only.

I've always rated Lindam baby gear and when Asda were knocking this safety gate out for £15 a pop it was a no brainer. The adjusters were more than capable of fitting across our wider than average staircase but, with a joiner in the family, we chose to make it even more secure by fitting nicely sanded and rounded wodden batons to the wall first and then securing the gate in place.

The added benefit of this was to reduce the gap either side between the gate and the wall. The more you wind out the securing pins then the greater the gap between the side of the gate and the wall. Fully extended it is still within safe limits so you shouldn't need to worry about your little houdini getting thru or even worse trapped up the sides.

If you do the Physics you'll find that the narrower you can fit the gate, the more rigid it will be in situ.

Now we were concerned somewhat with the bottom of the gate being less well held than the top and I am guessing that the rotating clips on the bottom of the gate are an addendum to the original design. It certainly helps keep the bottom of the gate in place all be it somewhat awkward to operate. Thus far we have had no incidents of trapped fingers so I guess they work well. Worth noting that even my naughty dog has noted the amount the gate moves when this clip is not in place so use the clip at all times.

The gate has been in place for 6 months now and is as smart and secure as it was the day it was fitted. The main locking clip can be operated single handed with a bit of practice and is solid and secure in operation. Like with all springy, clippy things you should be careful to avoid snecking your fingers in it as it snaps into place.

Overall it is a high quality, reliable product. It definitely is standing up well to the rigours of daily use and seems well up to it's task.


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Remember that if you’re installing a gate at the top of the stairs, a hardware-mounted gate is a must. Pressure-mounted gates offer quick installation and no marks on your walls, but hardware-mounted gates offer extra strength and security. Determine which of these types works best for your location.