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EagleLight Color Changing LED Light Bulb and Remote


This is how my set up is like for these multicolored LED light bulbs. If you have seen "Magic Lighting LED Light Bulb And Remote With 16 Different Colors And 5 Modes" and wondering what they looked like, here is an example. It may be a bit blurry because the iPhone does not have the best quality in the dark.

They are pretty neat. I begin the video with the flash, strobe, fade, and smooth effects. I then show the main colors and follow with showing all the different colors on the remote. There is also an option to pick a color and bring the brightness up or down.

In a situation like my set up and you can control both the lights together with one remote. However you can change them separate as well if you aim the remote completely off to one direction.

Add some funky style to your home with this multicolor LED light bulb! Great for creating mood lighting or cool effects for a party. Features 16 colors and 4 different transition modes all operated by remote control.


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