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Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Baby 13 oz (Pack of 3)


Gently rub your homemade lotion onto any patches of dry skin once or twice each day. Daily use of your moisturizer will allow the petroleum jelly and baby lotion to be as effective as they can be in soothing and healing your dry skin. For dry hands or feet, apply a layer of your lotion, and then slip on a pair of socks or mittens to seal in the moisture. You can also use this combination as your daily moisturizer on most parts of your body to help protect it from environmental and weather damage. Avoid use around the eyes and nostrils because the ingredients can be irritating to these areas.

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on moisturizers, you can save money by making your own lotions at home. A simple moisturizer can be made using petroleum jelly and baby lotion, two inexpensive ingredients. Petroleum jelly is a skin protectant that will help moisturize your skin as well as seal in the moisture. Baby lotion serves a similar purpose and can also lend some scent to your homemade lotion. Make a batch of moisturizer with petroleum jelly and baby lotion, and apply it every day to reap its benefits.


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