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  • The gown is designed by a Philippine costume designer Nicky Martinez

IDEAS GIFT: National Costume Asia Philippines High Quality 3d Handmade Fridge Magnet

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Pre-pageant activities which involve the candidates’ national costumes will be viewed more extensively by the Russian press and the Russian people themselves. It is usually the most anticipated event by the locals. At the very least, a stunning Philippine costume could pique Russians’ interest about the Philippines and could potentially boost more tourism to the Philippines from Russia and Eastern Europe. The Philippine Dept. of Tourism should work closely with the BPCI to maximize their efforts and think of this as a joint tourism-driven effort. For its part the Dept. of Tourism can assist the BPCI by having the national costume delivered by diplomatic courier to the Philippine embassy in Moscow if necessary so Ara won’t have to lug it along if the costume is too elaborate or to heavy! That’s just one example among many as to how these two organizations can work together.

The Philippine Garrison costume set on which we happened to have our photo taken had two doctors, a pilot and a flight attendant looking like genuine characters from the film franchise. An engineer even had on an impressive Chewbacca suit—large, furry—and he spoke Wookiee like the real Chewie!


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