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Toysmith 41-Piece Pick-Up Sticks Game


Some Pick Up Sticks games come with a master stick that is a different color from the others. In some games, players simply use this as a pick-up tool instead of using their hands; sometimes it is the highest scoring stick in the game. Alternatively, it can give players who pick it up an advantage. For example, in some versions of the game the player that gets the master stick can then use it to move or separate sticks to change the layout of the pile before picking up the next stick.

Along with other bloggers this week, I have decided to make a series of stick crafts from using popsicles to twigs. I have made a game from my childhood which is the pick up sticks game! I used to play that with my friends in school and I thought it would be nice to pass it down to my children too.


Vintage Whitman Plastic Pix Pix Pick Up Sticks Game, 1968