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Small World Toys Living - My-Oh-My Pizza Pie 11 Pc. Playset


We’ve been busy with the salt dough again, this time making a fantastic pizza play food set. We recently went to an Italian Pizzeria and the children adored seeing the chef spinning the dough and creating an assortment of toppings. The very next day they wanted to create their own pizza which we did and it was of course delicious.

The trouble was the children wanted to make pizza again and again and as much as I value the learning experience of making your own pizza, I can’t let the smalls eat pizza every night can I? Hence our fun pizza play food set was born. Now they can play at pizza making as much as they like and create all sorts of tasty combinations with the felt toppings. Yummy fun and so many learning opportunities!


Pizza Party Play Food Set from One Step Ahead