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Again, to be clear, some of the language is pretty standard for use of most apps and services, but not all of those apps and services are following every step that Pokemon Go users take. Also, the privacy policy makes it clear that user information could be handed over to government entities or law enforcement. The terms do say that this information will only be provided to the authorities to help with legal actions or stop illegal activity, but for anyone paying attention the last few years, it should be clear that there is a very thin separation between government agencies and corporations when it comes to sharing users metadata.

I don’t think the Wii-U requires “saving” right now but more to the point, yes I think Nintendo is probably preparing a Skylanders like Pokemon setup using the NFC tech in the Wii-U gamepad and I do think it will be huge. The Wii-U hasn’t had any follow up releases yet and sales are pretty good right now. If nobody is buying the system after Pikmin 3 and Lego City are released, then yes I think Nintendo has a problem, one easily cured by a dose of Mario Kart and a dose of Zelda.


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