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Coidak CO810 Adjustable Lighting Tone Warm White to Cool White 9W E27 2.4G Wireless Remote Control LED Bulbs Dimmable

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Technology has advanced so much lately that I can’t even remember the times when I watched my TV and I changed the channels manually, as there were no remote controls back then. It’s all part of our everyday life now and we are so used to all these technological gadgets that make our life easier that we could not imagine living without them. Remote controls seem to be our favorite objects in the house and we sit comfortably in our armchair operating all the things around us without having to ever stand up. The best example is the remote controlled light bulb.

Remote control LED bulbs also come in a full-color version, so you can have white and 15 other colors, as well as adjust the brightness and the color-changing mode. They're available in the U.S. and the remote control is even in English!


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