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Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Whale Bay


from Safety 1st are popular training toys for infants, as they are often the first things to help a child move around by his or herself. Before purchasing a baby walker, parents need to know how baby walkers are used, what models are available, and how they can create a safe environment for their child. Whether parents wish to choose new or old Safety 1st baby walkers, it is important to know how to choose the right one for their child.

Mobility is a very joyful activity for a baby; however, putting a baby in a walker to keep him or her occupied does not mean that the parents can go do whatever they like. This new mobility for the child also increases the chances of injury, and therefore parents need to take time and childproof their home. A very dangerous area for any child is located near stairs, as a child in a walker can easily move to the edge of the stairs and topple over. Therefore, parents need to fence off every staircase with a sturdy gate that a child cannot break down. Although Safety 1st baby walkers have a wide base to help prevent collisions with objects around the house, parents should still be aware of the sharp corners on their furniture. Laundry rooms, balconies, bathrooms, and even the kitchen should be blocked off as well.


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