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  • I think there’s a solution, but I’ll have to figure it out. We’ve been using the stroller a bit less lately as she’s started walking.

Britax USA B-Ready Stroller, Black


Make sure your baby gets enough when they are awake and observed on your lap or on their tummy. Too much time in infant car seats, swings, strollers and bouncers can increase the risk of "flat head syndrone" (technically known as ). In addition, infant car seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers and infant slings should not be used for routine sleep because they can put infants in a position that places them at risk for suffocation or airway obstruction.

In testing each product we focused on 6 key scoring metrics, with ease-of-use and maneuverability being the most highly weighted and extensively scrutinized categories in our evaluation process. Our ratings were based on a combination of real-world testing (i.e. strolling with babies, toddlers and young children), and extensive 30 in–house lab tests in which each product was rated in comparison to other competitors.


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We bought the stroller because it was on sale and we liked that it could be for two babies. Soon after, the adapters were loosed and needed to be replaced. We replaced the adapters totally 4 times. One time the front part was broken while we were traveling. Recently, the foot rest adjustable bottons of the front seat were broken. Britax refused to replaced it for us and it would cost us over $100 for the new seat. We have this stroller for only 2 years. I would not recommended it. I wish I bought some other brands. I would give it no star if I could.