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Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket, Green Smile, 30-50 lbs

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Zoggs Bobin Swim Jacket gives children complete freedom of movement while helping to build their confidence in the water, developing a natural swimming position. Made from high quality neoprene with puncture proof foam floats that can be removed as confidence increases.

Ages: 2 - 5 years.

This nifty swim jacket from Zoggs provides added buoyancy, promoting water confidence for young swimmers. Made from puncture-proof neoprene, the tapered fit and sleeveless construction allow complete freedom of movement in and out of the water.. 2-3


Arena swim jacket - Metro Swim Shop

The SwimBest™ swim jackets will help your child learn to swim. The design of this fantastic jacket will allow them to use their arms and learn the correct swimming strokes. The jackets are made using great quality soft but durable neoprene. It offers warmth and 100% sun protection on areas of the body covered. Featuring 8 removable floats, this is the new way to help your children learn to swim – out with the prohibiting blow up armbands and in with the warm, adjustable, sun safe swim jacket.