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6. Apply powder after drying the skin with a towel. Wash the towel every week to maintain hygiene and keep it clean.

7. Apply ample amount of powder near the diaper lines to prevent getting rashes due to diapers.

8. If the toddler get bruises, wash the bruise with a clean cotton cloth. Dip it in warm water and then apply ointment. Cover with a band aid to stop the toddler from touching it.

9. Prefer cotton clothes for toddlers as they are skin friendly and absorbs sweat also. Wash them in warm or hot water to maintain hygiene.

10. When out in the sun, dress the toddler with loose-fitting cotton clothes and keep them away from overexposure to the sun. few minutes of sun can supply vitamin D but excessive exposure can tan the skin tone.

Follow these toddler skin care tips to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Toddlers skin is very sensitive and soft. The mother has to be very careful and diligent so as to maintain the soft skin and prevent it from damaging due to harsh products available in the market. By keeping the skin moisturized, you insure good toddler skin care. Take a look at tips to maintain toddler skin care.

Toddler skin care tips:

1. Toddlers start learning how to walk from this age so the skin can become dirty or get bruises easily. The hygiene of toddler skin should be maintained by keeping it clean.

2. Massage the skin with baby/toddler oil before giving a bath. The skin needs to be moisturized as soaps and bubble baths make the skin dry and can also lead to skin rashes.

3. Before giving a bath to the toddler, prepare the items like towel, soap and other bathing products before hand. Never leave the toddler alone while giving bath. Always supervise them and make the bathing a fun experience as few toddlers hate to take bath and cry.

4. Use toddler soap which has natural oils. These soaps doesn't dry the toddler skin and maintains skin care too. Be careful while applying soap to prevent contact with the eyes and mouth.

5. Apply little baby/toddler oil after giving bath to the toddler. You can also use homemade moisturizer made with olive oil or almond oil. Dilute the oil with little water and massage the toddler skin to maintain and care for the sensitive skin.


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