• Dyson canister toy vacuum. It has on board tools!
  • Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum Cleaner KR042
  • Casdon Little Hetty Toy Vacuum Cleaner
  • Casdon Dyson Toy Vacuum Cleaner

Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys; Skinny Santa

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If you are shopping for a child beyond the age of about 2 1/2 or 3, just know that they may not be as happy with a normal toy vacuum. Their expectations may have begun to change and they are expecting the vacuum to make real sounds (real suction is a bonus too).

Not only that, we've actually found that giving a toy like this (the toy vacuum) makes a good Easter surprise! This is because it's not completing with lots of other toys for attention like it would on Christmas or at a birthday party.


Kids Toy Vacuum Cleaner - Kmart

So none of the toy vacuums are for a 20 month old child? I watch my grandson and he loves using mine when I clean. I want to get him one for Christmas and was looking for the best one here and see all are not for under 3 years old. Why is that? He uses mine quite well.